At IRIS Candles we offer only the highest quality products. The scents we use are based on our knowledge of aromatherapy and we aim to bring the most beautiful fragrances from every corner of the world to your space.


All our packaging materials are sustainable and the can be reused or recycled. We value environmentally friendly, vegan materials and we use our knowledge of herbs and natural remedies to provide you with not only beautiful, but also therapeutic scents that can calm anxiety to provide serenity and happiness.


As someone who works in the mental health sector, I have found it frustrating that therapy is too expensive for those who are most in need of help. So I want to support a charity whose focus is making mental wellbeing accessible for all. I have chosen Inside Out UK as I am inspired by the work Vanessa Boachie has being doing for young people's mental wellbeing. 7% of profits from each candle will be donated to Inside Out UK. You can learn more about them on their website.